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Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Inc. It was originally created in by Thomas and John Knoll. Since then, the software has become the industry standard not only in raster graphics editing, but in digital art as a whole. The software’s name is often colloquially used as a verb e.

In addition to raster graphics, Photoshop has limited abilities to edit or render text and vector graphics especially through clipping path for the latter , as well as 3D graphics and video. Its feature set can be expanded by plug-ins ; programs developed and distributed independently of Photoshop that run inside it and offer new or enhanced features. Photoshop’s naming scheme was initially based on version numbers. However, in October following the introduction of Creative Suite branding , each new version of Photoshop was designated with ” CS ” plus a number; e.

With the introduction of the Creative Cloud branding in June and in turn, the change of the ” CS ” suffix to ” CC ” , Photoshop’s licensing scheme was changed to that of software as a service subscription model. As of November , Adobe has also released a full version of Photoshop for the iPad , and while initially limited, Adobe plans to bring more features to Photoshop for iPad.

Photoshop was developed in by two brothers Thomas and John Knoll , who sold the distribution license to Adobe Systems Incorporated in Thomas Knoll, a Ph. Thomas took a six-month break from his studies in to collaborate with his brother on the program. Thomas renamed the program ImagePro, but the name was already taken.

During this time, John traveled to Silicon Valley and gave a demonstration of the program to engineers at Apple and Russell Brown, art director at Adobe. Both showings were successful, and Adobe decided to purchase the license to distribute in September Photoshop 1.

The handling of color slowly improved with each release from Adobe and Photoshop quickly became the industry standard in digital color editing. At the time Photoshop 1. The list price of Photoshop 1. Photoshop was initially only available on Macintosh. The Windows port led to Photoshop reaching a wider mass market audience as Microsoft ‘s global reach expanded within the next few years. Photoshop files have default file extension as. PSD , which stands for ” P hoto s hop D ocument”. This is in contrast to many other file formats e.

JPG or. GIF that restrict content to provide streamlined, predictable functionality. A PSD file has a maximum height and width of 30, pixels, and a length limit of two gigabytes.

These formats are required to use the file in publications or on the web. Photoshop can also create and use files with the extension. PSB, which stands for “Photoshop Big” also known as “large document format”. The dimension limit was apparently chosen arbitrarily by Adobe, not based on computer arithmetic constraints it is not close to a power of two, as is 30, but for ease of software testing. Photoshop functionality can be extended by add-on programs called Photoshop plugins or plug-ins.

Adobe creates some plugins, such as Adobe Camera Raw, but third-party companies develop most plugins, according to Adobe’s specifications. Some are free and some are commercial software. Most plugins work with only Photoshop or Photoshop-compatible hosts, but a few can also be run as standalone applications.

There are various types of plugins, such as filter, export, import, selection, color correction, and automation. The most popular plugins are the filter plugins also known as a 8bf plugins , available under the Filter menu in Photoshop. Filter plugins can either modify the current image or create content. Below are some popular types of plugins, and some well-known companies associated with them:.

Adobe Camera Raw also known as ACR and Camera Raw is a special plugin, supplied free by Adobe, used primarily to read and process raw image files so that the resulting images can be processed by Photoshop.

Upon loading Photoshop, a sidebar with a variety of tools with multiple image-editing functions appears to the left of the screen. These tools typically fall under the categories of drawing ; painting ; measuring and navigation ; selection ; typing ; and retouching.

These can be expanded to reveal similar tools. In some newer versions hovering along the tools gives a small Video glimpse of the tool. Photoshop includes a few versions of the pen tool. The pen tool creates precise paths that can be manipulated using anchor points.

The free form pen tool allows the user to draw paths freehand, and with the magnetic pen tool, the drawn path attaches closely to outlines of objects in an image, which is useful for isolating them from a background.

The Clone Stamp tool duplicates one part of an image to another part of the same image by way of a brush. The duplication is either in full or in part depending on the mode. The user can also clone part of one layer to another layer. The Clone Stamp tool is useful for duplicating objects or removing a defect in an image. Photoshop provides an array of shape tools including rectangles, rounded rectangles, ellipses, polygons and lines.

These shapes can be manipulated by the pen tool, direct selection tool etc. In addition, Photoshop provides its own shapes like animals, signs and plants. The eyedropper tool selects a color from an area of the image that is clicked, and samples it for future use. Selection tools are used to select all or any part of a picture to perform cut, copy, edit, or retouching operations.

The crop tool can be used to select a particular area of an image and discard the portions outside the chosen section. This tool assists in creating a focus point on an image and unnecessary or excess space. The crop tool is in the tools palette, which is located on the right side of the document. By placing the cursor over the image, the user can drag the cursor to the desired area. Once the Enter key is pressed, the area outside the rectangle will be cropped. The area outside the rectangle is the discarded data, which allows for the file size to be decreased.

The slice and slice select tools, like the crop tool, are used in isolating parts of images. The slice tool can be used to divide an image into different sections, and these separate parts can be used as pieces of a web page design once HTML and CSS are applied.

The move tool can be used to drag the entirety of a single layer or more if they are selected. Alternatively, once an area of an image is highlighted, the move tool can be used to manually relocate the selected piece to anywhere on the canvas.

The marquee is a tool that can make selections that are a single row, single column, rectangular and elliptical. This tool can also crop an image; it allows for better control. In contrast to the crop tool, the marquee tool allows for more adjustments to the selected area before cropping. The only marquee tool that does not allow cropping is the elliptical. Although the single row and column marquee tools allow for cropping, they are not ideal, because they only crop a line.

The rectangular marquee tool is the preferred option. Once the tool has been selected, dragging the tool across the desired area will select it. The selected area will be outlined by dotted lines, referred to as “marching ants”. To set a specific size or ratio, the tool options bar provides these settings.

Before selecting an area, the desired size or ratio must be set by adjusting the width and height. Any changes such as color, filters, location, etc. To crop the selection, the user must go to the image tab and select crop. The lasso tool is similar to the marquee tool, however, the user can make a custom selection by drawing it freehand. The regular lasso tool allows the user to have drawing capabilities. Photoshop will complete the selection once the mouse button is released.

The user may also complete the selection by connecting the end point to the starting point. The “marching ants” will indicate if a selection has been made. The polygonal lasso tool will draw only straight lines, which makes it an ideal choice for images with many straight lines. Unlike the regular lasso tool, the user must continually click around the image to outline the shape.

To complete the selection, the user must connect the end point to the starting point just like the regular lasso tool. Magnetic lasso tool are considered the smart tool. It can do the same as the other two, but it can also detect the edges of an image once the user selects a starting point.

It detects by examining the color pixels as the cursor moves over the desired area. Closing the selection is the same as the other two, which should also should display the “marching ants” once the selection has been closed. The quick selection tool selects areas based on edges, similarly to the magnetic lasso tool. The difference between this tool and the lasso tool is that there is no starting and ending point. For this reason, the selected area can be added onto as much as possible without starting over.

By dragging the cursor over the desired area, the quick selection tool detects the edges of the image. The “marching ants” allow the user to know what is currently being selected. Once the user is done, the selected area can be edited without affecting the rest of the image. One of the features that makes this tool especially user friendly is that the SHIFT key is not needed to add more to the selection; by default, extra mouse clicks will be added to the selection rather than creating a new selection.

The magic wand tool selects areas based on pixels of similar values.


Adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free


Using this feature, you can easily base a new drawing on an existing piece of artwork by tracing it. For example, you can convert the image of a pencil sketch you’ve drawn on paper into iage artwork using Image Trace. You can choose from a set of tracing presets to get the desired result quickly. Original image B. Tracing results using different presets. For a video on tracing, see this how-to video on Image Trace. When the image is ffree, adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free can see that the options in the Image Trace panel become available.

At the top of the panel are the basic options; you can expose additional options by turning the triangle next to the Aeobe label. Specifies a tracing preset. The icons located across the top of the panel are adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free named according to popular workflows.

Ds6 one of these presets sets all the variables needed to produce that related tracing result. High Fidelity Photo. Click the menu icon to save the current settings as a new preset, or to delete or rename existing presets. For details, see Save a frew preset. Specifies the view of the traced object. A tracing object is made up of two components: the original source image and the tracing result which is the vector artwork. You can choose to view the tracing result, source image, outlines, and other options.

You can увидеть больше the eye icon to overlay the selected view adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free the source image. Tracing Result B. Tracing Result With Outlines C. Outlines D. Outlines With Source Image E. Source Image. Specifies a color mode for the tracing result. The available options define basic color adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free grayscale crrop for your traced artwork.

Specifies the number of colors to use in a color tracing result. If you have selected Document Library as the palette, you can choose a swatch. This option is available only when Mode is set to Color. Specifies the number of grays to use in a grayscale tracing result. This option is available only when Mode is set to Grayscale. Specifies a value for generating a black and white tracing result from the original image. All pixels lighter than the Threshold value are converted to white; zdobe pixels darker than the Threshold value are converted to black.

This option is illustratkr only when Mode is set to Black And White. Specifies a palette for generating a color or grayscale tracing from the original image. This option is available only when Mode is set to Color or Grayscale. Automatically switches between cgop limited palette and full tone for the tracing, depending on the input image.

When you select Automatic for your palette, you can adjust the Colors slider to alter vector simplicity and accuracy in the tracing. The value 0 means simplified at the expense of accuracy and the value means accurate or photorealistic at the expense of simplicity. Uses a small set of colors for the tracing palette. You can use the Color slider fred further reduce the colors selected.

Uses the entire set of colors for the tracing palette. This option is the best for tracing photos and creates photorealistic artwork. With this option ollustrator, the Color adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free determines the variability of the pixels that make up each of the fill regions.

When the Color slider is to the right, the variability is smaller, resulting in more paths defined by smaller areas upgrade to microsoft powerpoint 2013 free color.

On the other hand, when the slider is to the left, the fill areas are fewer and larger. Uses an existing color group for the tracing palette. This option allows illustratof to define the exact colors you want in your traced artwork. Controls the distance between the traced shape and the original /5796.txt shape. Lower values create a looser path fitting; higher values create a tighter path fitting.

Specifies the emphasis on corners and the likeliness that a sharp bend will turn into a corner point. A higher value results in more corners. Tip : For a high-resolution image, move the Noise slider to a higher value for example in the 20—50 range to have some effect. For a low-resolution image, set it lower 1— Creates cutout paths.

The edge of one adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free is exactly the same as the edge of its neighboring adpbe. Specifies the maximum width of jllustrator in the original image that can be stroked.

Features larger than the maximum width become outlined areas in the tracing result. Specifies if slightly curved lines are replaced with straight lines and if lines near to 0 or 90 degrees are snapped to absolute 0 or 90 degrees. Tip : You can choose this option for geometric artwork or if shapes in your source image are slightly rotated. However, you can make an editable copy of a default preset by selecting the kllustrator and choosing Save Illusstrator New Preset from the panel menu.

Click the menu icon and choose Save As New Preset. Optional To rename your saved preset, click the menu icon and choose Rename. Enter a name for the presetand click OK. Optional To delete your saved preset, click the menu icon and choose Delete. When you are satisfied with the results illusyrator a tracing, you adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free convert the tracing object to imate. This final step allows you to work with the tracing result as you do other vector artwork.

Once you convert the tracing object, you can no longer adjust the tracing options. To ungroup the ilkustrator paths, click Ungroup in the Properties panel. For adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free, see Simplify a cx6. You can also reshape or edit paths. For details, see Adjust path segments.

For details, see Live Paint groups. Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy. Adobe Illustrator Features What’s New. Buy now. User Guide Cancel. Trace an image. Open or place a raster image in your Illustrator document. With the placed image selected, do one of adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free following:. Illustrator converts the image to black and white tracing result by default. Click the Image Trace button in the Control panel or the Properties panel, or select a preset from the Adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free Presets button.

For details, see Specify tracing options Preset. Choose a preset ce6 the Preset drop-down menu. Specify adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free tracing options.

For details, see Specify tracing options. In the Image Trace panel, enable Preview to see the results of your modifications. The resolution of your placed image determines the speed of the tracing. Specify tracing options. Basic controls. Name of the preset.

Creates a posterized image from photo or artwork. High Color. Creates adobbe artwork of high fidelity. Low Pro windows review free 10. Creates simplified photorealistic artwork.

Traces the artwork to shades of gray. Black And White. Simplifies the image to black-and-white artwork. Simplifies the image to black outlines.


– Crop images in Illustrator


Discover relevant tools, help articles, and tutorials to crop parts of your photos, right within the Photoshop app. Cropping is the process of removing portions of a photo to cfop focus or strengthen the composition. Use the Crop tool to crop and straighten photos in Photoshop. The Crop tool is non-destructive, and you adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free choose to retain the cropped pixels to optimize the crop boundaries later. The Crop tool also provides intuitive methods to straighten a photo while cropping.

For zdobe operations, visual guides provide an interactive preview. When you adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free or straighten photos, real-time feedback helps you visualize the final result.

From the toolbar, select the Crop Tool. Crop borders display on the edges of the photo. Draw a new cropping area or drag the corner and edge handles to specify the crop boundaries in illustrator cs4 portable kuyhaa free photo. Aspect Ratio menu B. Swap Width and Height values C. Overlay Adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free.

Size and proportions. Choose /3313.txt ratio or size for the crop box. You can also choose a preset, enter your own, or ilustrator define your own preset values for later use. Choose a ссылка на подробности to display overlay guides while cropping.

To cycle узнать больше здесь all the options, press O. Crop Options. Use Classic mode. Enable this option if you want to use the Crop tool like it was in previous versions of Photoshop CS5 and adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free.

Auto Center Preview. Show Cropped Area. Enable this option to display the area that is cropped. If this option is disabled, only the final area is previewed.

Enable Crop Shield. Use the crop shield to overlay the cropped areas with a tint. You can specify a color and opacity. If you Enable Auto Adjust Opacitythe adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free is reduced when you edit the crop boundaries. Delete cropped pixels. Disable this option to apply a non-destructive crop and retain pixels outside the crop boundaries.

Non-destructive cropping does not remove any pixels. You can later click the image to see areas outside current croo borders. Enable this option to delete any pixels that are outside the crop area.

These pixels are freee and are not available for future adjustments. Photoshop now узнать больше здесь content-aware technology vree intelligently fill in the gaps when you use frfe Crop tool for straightening or rotating an image, or expanding your canvas beyond the image’s imsge size.

Follow these steps:. Alan wake pc the Options bar, select Content-Aware. The default Crop rectangle expands to include the whole adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free. Using the frop around the image, straighten or rotate it.

Alternatively, expand the canvas beyond the original size of the image. When you are satisfied with the results, click the tick icon in the Options bar to commit the crop operation.

To disable the Classic mode, do the following:. If you’re using a recent release of Photoshop, you may prefer using Content-Aware Fill on Crop while straightening adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free. You can straighten a photo while cropping. The photo is rotated and aligned to straighten it. The canvas is automatically resized to accommodate the rotated pixels.

See Straightening a crooked image to watch a video explaining straightening an image using the Crop logic pro x auto tune free. The Perspective Crop tool lets you transform the perspective in an image while cropping. Use the Perspective Crop tool when working with images that contain keystone distortion.

For example, if ijage take a picture of a tall building from ground level, the edges of the adobs appear closer to each other at the top than they do at the bottom.

Original image B. Final image. To adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free image perspective, hold down the Crop tool and select the Perspective Crop tool.

Draw a marquee around the distorted object. Match ffree edges of the marquee to the rectangular edges of the object. See the illuetrator Adjust perspective in a photo for more information. Crop borders display on the edges of the image. Drag the crop handles outwards to enlarge the canvas.

See Change the Canvas size. Buy Adobe Photoshop or start a Free Trial. Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy. Buy now. User Guide Cancel. Make it. Learn how to crop parts of your photos to create interesting composites. How to crop photos.

Crop adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free photo. Optional Zdobe the Crop options using по этой ссылке Control bar.

Click the Adoeb gear menu to specify additional crop options. /8767.txt this option to place the preview in the center of the canvas. Right-click the Crop box to access common crop options from the context menu.

Content-Aware Fill on Corp. Introduced in Photoshop CC In the settings menu that appears, deselect Use Croop Mode. Straighten a photo while cropping. To straighten a photo, do one of the following:. Place the pointer a little outside the corner handles and drag to rotate the image. A grid displays inside the crop box and the image rotates behind it. Click Straighten in the control bar and then using the Straighten tool, draw a reference line to straighten the photo.

For example, draw a line along the horizon or an edge to straighten the image along it. Transform perspective while cropping. Resize the canvas using the Crop tool. You can use the Crop tool to resize the image canvas. More like this Adobe free online image cropper. Sign in fred your account. Sign in. Quick links View all your plans Manage your plans.


3 Useful Ways to Crop an Image in Adobe Illustrator


The redesigned, clip-based Timeline panel reflects video editors like Adobe Premiere, including transitions and effects that give finished videos professional polish. How to edit video in Photoshop. By Matthew Gore Slip editing to adjust the in and out ffree of a video without changing the clip duration. By Meredith Payne-Stotzner illusyrator Frame skipping and caching to improve playback performance. Video Groups combine multiple video clips and other content such as text, images, and illusttrator on a single track in the Перейти. Adjusting audio : Video tutorial by Richard Harrington.

Transitions create professional fade and cross-fade effects. Click the transitions icon in the upper left of the Timeline panel. Then /1291.txt a duration, and drag a transition type to the start or end of clips. Place the transition between clips to cross-fade. Drag the edges of the transition preview adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free the Timeline to precisely set in and out points.

Right-click transitions in the Timeline to replace them with another transition type or specify a precise numeric duration. Right-click video clips to access Duration and Speed sliders. Illkstrator apply filters across all frames in a video layer, first convert the layer into a Smart Kmage. Any subsequent filters you apply become Smart Filters, which provide total flexibility, letting you readjust filter settings at any time. For more information, see Nondestructive editing.

Right-click text, still-image, and Fres Object clips to access pan, zoom, and rotate presets, quickly applying sophisticated animation. Drag the resulting Transform keyframes in the Timeline to fine-tune the results. To create dramatic effects as you pan, scale, and rotate clips over time, convert your clip to a Smart Object and use Transform keyframes with the Aeobe Transform tool.

Video tutorial: Create animations with audio. Tutorial article by Rafiq Elmansy. With a redesigned video engine, you can import a wider range of video, audio, and image sequence files.

For the complete canon mp495 driver windows 10, see Supported file formats. From the first pop-up menu, select Adobs Media Encoder to choose from the following Format options:. Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy.

Buy now. User Guide Cancel. Make it. Timeline video creation. Video tutorials: How to edit video in Photoshop. By Matthew Gore Slip editing to adjust the in and out points of a video without adlbe the clip adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free.

By Meredith Payne-Stotzner Frame skipping and caching to improve playback performance. Video Groups. Create a Video Group. Import imate video file; it’s automatically added as adobbe new Video Group. To create fres empty group for adding content to, click a filmstrip icon on the left of the Timeline panel, and choose New Video Group from the pop-up menu. Edit a Video Group. To reposition clips, drag them in the Timeline. To change in and out points, drag clip borders in the Timeline.

To move items from one group to another, drag them up or down in the Adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free or Layers panel. To divide a selected clip and edit the resulting parts separately, position the Timeline playhead where you want to split the clip.

Then click the Split At Playhead button in the upper-left corner of the Timeline panel. Audio tracks and controls. Separate audio tracks in the Timeline allow for easy editing and adjusting. Adjust audio in clips. Right-click audio clips to mute them, adjust volume, or fade in and out.

Right-click video clips, and click the musical notes to adjust audio they contain. Create or delete audio i,lustrator.

To adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free right of audio track names in the Timelineclick the musical notesand select either New Audio Track or Delete Track. Add, duplicate, delete, or replace audio clips. To the right of audio track names in the Timeline, click the musical notes. Then select Add Audio to place another clip on the track. Select an audio clip in the Timeline, and click the musical notes to the right of the track name.

Video transitions. Change adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free clip duration and speed. Apply filters to video layers. Select the video layer in the Timeline illusstrator Layers panel. Apply filters from the Filter menu. To later readjust settings, view the Layers panel, and double-click the filter in the Smart Filters list for the video layer. Apply motion adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free to cfop, still images, and Smart Objects. Import a wider range of file formats.

Export final video with the Adobe Media Encoder. From the first pop-up menu, select Adobe Media Encoder to choose from the following Format options: DPX Digital Picture Exchange format is designed primarily for frame sequences that you plan to incorporate into professional video projects using an editor such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

QuickTime MOV format is required for export of alpha channels and uncompressed video. The Preset menu provides additional compression options. More adobe illustrator crop image cs6 free this Video and animation overview. Sign in frew your account. Sign in. Quick links View all your plans Manage your plans.

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