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Originally set for release at Comiket 92 , delays pushed it’s release date back to Comiket It functions as a sequel to Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II , discussing the Sabbath , the various aspects of their organization, as well as monster magic and magical items in general. The book was announced via a post on Kenkou’s twitter account.

This book features the Sabbath and delves into various aspects of their organization, as well as monster magic and magical items in general; very similar in style to the previous World Guide II. This Sabbath directory is a collaborative effort of all the baphomets! Please tell us about your Sabbath! Please be sure to include another race typical of your Sabbath in addition to a witch and the representative baphomet, for a total of three people.

It’s preferable if you’re wearing something as close as possible to a uniform. Please include the symbol mark of your Sabbath. Everyone, sure enough, it seems they’re mostly patterned after skeletal goats or goats.

Please list typical races that are members besides baphomets, witches, and familiars. Please freely fill in the particulars about your sabbath and representative, including history, accomplishments, and so forth. Lastly, please record a welcoming message from your representative baphomet to human men visiting your Sabbath! Activity Details: The pursuit and intense study of magic, and spreading the charm and depravity of juveniles to the world.

This Sabbath is also a super large scale magical force boasted by the mamono lord’s army, with certified capabilities and achievements! Like suppression of war through the development and implementation of large scale non-lethal magic, expanding the transportation system via teleportation magic circles linking the royal mamono realm with each major mamono realm, taking energy measures through the development and diffusion of mana cages, which automatically filter and store the surrounding mana, and so on, and so forth, but there’s no time to exhaustively enumerate the achievements of our Bapho-sama and Mamono Lord’s Army Sabbath.

Of course, Sabbath is also devoted to our other long cherished ambition: advocating the wonderfulness of juveniles. Using the height of our organization’s power and a multitude of witches as weapons, local branches have been established in human nations throughout the world, and aggressive solicitation is being conducted.

The figures of Sabbath’s witches are seen in most large cities, and they can invite those who wish it into Sabbath’s world of magic and pleasure at any time! Activity Details: In-depth study of nymphomancy through immersion in pleasure, researching and conducting monsterization of humans. Typical Races: Lots of extremist races such as demons and devils , as well as succubi. Since it has continued to completely incorporate the magical institutions of the cities it has conquered into Sabbath up to this point, its scale is huge, and we can say that this Sabbath will continue to grow and encroach endlessly.

Nymphomancy is a system of magic that can be used during sex even when one’s thoughts are unsteady, and the more one’s head is filled with pleasure and ecstasy, the greater its power grows.

In addition to that, research into the pursuit of better methods of monsterization to convert human women into even more lascivious and debauched monsters and related activities are also enthusiastically conducted.

Furthermore, with a focus on building the body and mind to be able to enjoy and drown in even more pleasure, this Sabbath is also attractive not only to those who wish to master nymphomancy, but to all monsters who want to live more pleasurably with onii-chan. Typical Races: Imps , manticores , thunderbirds , and so on. Mostly races who enjoy fun and exciting things. The biggest thing that sets it apart is that the representative baphomet and her witches are in fact nearly as young as they look.

The doctrine of this Sabbath is simply to spend their time having fun and enjoying themselves, so no magical research is conducted whatsoever. Their activities are absolutely outrageous and I’m jealous: they let youth take its natural course, indulging in sex with onii-chan as much as they please.

As a result, scores of monster children have gathered just out of a desire for pleasure and play, and it has become an enormous Sabbath. The witches of this Sabbath do nothing but engage in sex with their partners, however, this results in the accumulation of vast amounts of mana. If it’s for the sake of pleasure or a game that they’re interested in, they’ll make advanced magic fly all over the place just as if playing with toys or building blocks.

It is these extremely talented men who are responsible for the massive enlargement of this Sabbath’s headquarters. Lots of magically animated playground equipment created by Momonika and her witches is strewn about inside, making it a giant amusement facility for children’s enjoyment. The witches bring their own onii-chan here to play with them, and whenever they get a chance, they’ll hide in the shadows, or go inside the playground equipment that functions as private rooms to enjoy sex.

Also, admission is open to all children whether affiliated with Sabbath or not. Typical Races: High rank races that excel in magic such as echidnas and vampires. To “you” : If it’s little children you desire, then you should’ve gone elsewhere How peculiar that you’re interested in such elderly women, boy An extremely stoic Sabbath, earnestly focused on the research and pursuit of sorcery, and elevating themselves.

This Sabbath does not conduct any solicitation activities whatsoever, and it’s a small scale organization with only a handful of witches, however each and every one of the witches is a more powerful spellcaster than your average baphomet.

What distinguishes this Sabbath is that it is inclined solely towards sorcerous research, and the other doctrine of Sabbath, spreading the wonderfulness of juveniles, is completely ignored.

These masterful witches have no childish bearing whatsoever, and behave in an age appropriate manner. Instead of treating men like onii-chan, unfortunately, they treat them like children. The only reason they assume a childish form is because it is more convenient for using magic. For that reason, it is difficult for mages to participate in this sabbath. In the case of men, they may serve as familiars who pour essence into them, or if their magical aptitude is approved, they may end up being treated as apprentices by them.

But no matter how wily they may act, monsters are still monsters. While gathering data, this writer observed people hiding in the shadows, taking delight in onii-chan’s head pats, and I also witnessed people deliberately using more mana than necessary in their experiments on countless occasions as an excuse to replenish their mana; in other words, they wanted to hurry up and get back to having sex with their partners! We are those who seken to uncoveren the trewthe of sorcery and comprehend its fundamental laws.

Know that there ne is a place for the yonge or the insolent. Hou-ever, the wicches Typical Races: Ratatoskr , leanan sidhe , kikimora , etc. To “you” : Sensei, how’s the manuscript coming along? If you’re hungry, I shall prepare something for you. If you’d like to refresh yourself, then please use me. The sabbath whose representative is the writer! In part, it functions as one of the world’s largest and most preeminent repositories of magical knowledge, an enormous library with a collection of wisdom.

I, Runya Runya, was born a baphomet, and yet I am unable to use magic. But I have never given up on using magic, and as a result of continuously gathering knowledge regarding various systems of magic, I have even become one of the most knowledgeable of all baphomets. I wrote a book based on my knowledge and yearning for magic which was approved by the baphomet elders, and I established a Sabbath specializing in my area of expertise.

I am lazy and selfish, and somehow I get sleepy whenever I try to use magic; for that reason, I sleep all the time, yet thanks to the bright witches who are my followers, somehow I am managing to serve as a representative.

My sabbath, specialized for dealing with magical knowledge, manages accumulated knowledge and converts it into the form of more readable books and files which we then distribute to Sabbaths throughout the world. On the other hand, the results of magical research conducted by Sabbaths throughout the world are also provided to us, so it seems our Sabbath is treasured as the place which accumulates all the wisdom of the Sabbaths in name and fact.

You get room and board with three meals, your own witch, and you can use the data we’ve accumulated as much as you like. Even beginners are welcome. Activity Details: Profound study of theriomancy by spending their daily lives as beasts, fusing the cuteness of beasts and juveniles. Typical Races: Generally mostly beastmen.

A Sabbath whose objective is to combine the charm of juveniles touted by us with the adorableness of fluffy beasts using their own bodies by loving beasts and completely becoming beasts themselves. In sharp contrast with other Sabbaths, members consist of races which are terrible at magic, mostly beastmen in particular.

They do not actively conduct solicitation, but they have lots of interactions with the outside world. Apparently, while actively frolicking and playing with humans to convey the charm of little beast girls, before they knew it, the pack’s numbers had increased. The true value of theriomancy is unleashed by living as a beast. In other words, it is recommended to lead a life of eating, sleeping, and breeding as one desires.

Since this counts as a profound study of magic in and of itself, this Sabbath’s activities consist of hunting prey with onii-chan, eating, napping together, and breeding as much they please.

If possible, the writer would also like to transfer to this Sabbath. Additionally, Ropurotto is a figure shrouded in mysteries. Activity Details: Improving the quality of produce and animal products using magic, and selling produce using Sabbath’s distribution channels. Typical Races: Races connected with the earth and farming such as holstaurs , weresheep , trolls , spirits, etc. A Sabbath devoted to cultivating the land and raising livestock using magic to yield even more delicious produce.

Their representative, Marune, has a peculiar personal history, having been raised as an ordinary village girl in a human farming village. Marune’s mother is a baphomet who chose to hand her Sabbath over to someone else to go and live in the home village of the man she fell in love with, which is a farming village. They say that at the time, the village was a territory of a nation devoted to the chief god, but the kindly villagers accepted both mother and daughter, and they lived in hiding from the Order.

Eventually, the nation entered into an alliance with a mamono realm, switching to a monster friendly stance, and that’s when Marune seized the opportunity to repay the kindness of everyone in her beloved village by establishing this Sabbath.

The most distinguishing characteristic of this Sabbath is that all the witches and monster members have massive udders hanging down, which is incongruous with a childish figure. It’s not that it’s a policy decided by Marune; instead, they naturally developed that way due to having been raised on the village’s produce. The council of baphomet elders, those responsible for approving Sabbaths, convened to discuss whether or not it’s even possible for massive udders to be present on a childish body, and the debate raged for many consecutive days, only to break down into udder chaos.

By the time the day of certification arrived, they still didn’t have an answer; Marune somehow mistook it as a produce fair, and served up delicious food made from the village’s produce, thereby neutralizing the elders’ venom. Their base is the farming village where they live; that is to say, members of this Sabbath are all villagers of the farming village. In other words, joining this Sabbath also means moving to the village. Solicitation is mainly for recruiting workers for the village, and husbands.

This Sabbath’s activities are mainly about using magic for agricultural work, rather than magic itself; they lead industrious lives, working when the sun rises, and returning home when the sun sets. However, even when busy with farm work, onii-chans are seen groping the witches boobs every now and then whenever the opportunity arises, and they take them in the shadows of trees, endeavoring at intercourse on each break.

Whenever they’re free, they have sex. It’s said they basically go home and have sex until it’s time for bed whenever they’re done with their tasks. Activity Details: Development of medical techniques by means of magic, treatment of the sick and injured via pharmacomancy. Typical Races: Unicorns , kikimoras , houris , also monsterized angels , etc. Their ideal is not to master magic or to advocate the wonderfulness of juveniles; instead, it is to save those suffering from injuries and diseases.


Affinity designer distribute evenly free. Distributing/spacing objects

I am using the free trial v i believe on OS X Auto distribution is for object spacing to enable it you have to apply spacing. › en-us › tutorials › designer › desktop.


Affinity designer distribute evenly free –


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