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Cosy your home to the winter months with these simple tricks

As winter is approaching, it’s the perfect time to revamp your decor to reflect the season’s spirit.

For many, the anticipation of winter can send chills down their spines and the arrival of winter blues. This is why we have some great ideas to lighten the mood at home.

  1. Soft furniture. It can be costly to buy new rugs and cushions, so keep an eye out for less costly options to enhance your style. You could purchase new cushions or include a throw rug on the sofa.
  2. Mats and rug. Floor coverings can easily be updated by putting in a dining flooring mat for the dining room. Take a look at sisal rugs and oriental-themed mats. Both can make a statement in any winter decoration design.
  3. Window blinds. Whether you have blinds or curtains, this is the best time to remove them and clean them. Curtains must be dry cleaned, and window blinds must be professionally cleaned before winter condensation begins. At Dale Blind Services, we offer an excellent service for cleaning blinds. Deal. We also have the opportunity to book four blinds to be cleaned, and we’ll clean the fifth blind for no cost.
  4. Colors. Refreshing your winter home decor could be as easy as applying a new coat of paint on your walls. Try out different paints before you go to ensure the color you’re thinking of will work for the room. If you live in a dark room, choose neutrals or white to brighten the room.
  5. Objet art. Winter home decor changing outs can be exciting and exciting if you’re a fan of collecting objects of art or collectibles. Today, what’s referred to as mid-century contemporary pottery and furniture is in vogue. Items of the 1950s and 60s could be purchased on websites such as Trade Me or Facebook Marketplace. Highly sought-after are New Zealand-made pottery or Dutch furniture with Dutch influences.
  6. Your front entryway, along with the street appeal. When reconsidering your winter design, do not forget to consider your street appeal and your main front door. In addition to tidying up, the street appeal could be improved by strategically placed landscaping of trees or shrubs. Make sure to choose evergreens as you don’t want an abundance of sticks in the ground during winter. When you think about your front entrance, consider painting your front door with a color that will pop and make an excellent first impression. Find some coat racks and a bin where you can place wet umbrellas and muddy shoes.
  7. Ceilings. Often the forgotten area in a room is the ceiling. However, should you wish to upgrade your winter decor, ceilings are often the perfect blank canvas. Repainting or strategically placing lights on ceilings can make a huge difference to the look of living space.
  8. Lights. As it gets darker in the winter, this is the perfect time to update your lighting. It’s as simple as adding bright lights or buying bright new light shades. Patterns and colors.
  9. Music. Yes, that’s right, Nothing like some great music to boost and create a relaxing atmosphere when you think about winter-themed home decor. You can use Spotify for playlists specifically geared to winter or autumn.
  10. Scents. You can quickly get the essence of winter by bringing some beautiful winter scents into your home. Scented candles, potpourri, joss sticks, and candles are all affordable products that will make your house scent wonderful and add additional cheer to those long winter nights.

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