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Skip to main content. Start your free trial. Buy on Amazon Buy on ebooks. The important stuff you need to know: Get started. Catalog your data. View, sort, and shape information in dozens of ways. Create professional documents. Publish reports, invoices, and other documents with ease. Harness processing power. Use calculations and scripts to crunch numbers, search text, and automate tasks. Add visual power and clarity.

Create colorful charts to illustrate and summarize your data. Think like a developer. Dive into the high-level features of FileMaker Pro Advanced. It also covers the vast online community of fans and experts—people are the best resource for fresh ideas and creative solutions.

Appendix B gives you detailed instructions for converting databases created in earlier versions of FileMaker to FileMaker Pro Appendix D is a list of all the error codes you may encounter when scripting FileMaker. FileMaker Pro 12 is a single software package that serves two fundamentally different types of people: users and developers.

Users are the folks who need a database to help them organize and manage the data they work with in order to do their jobs. Developers create the databases that users use. The features you need for both roles are equally accessible. FileMaker Pro 12 includes many features that make day-to-day work in FileMaker easier than ever. The improvements and tweaks are too numerous to list, but here are the highlights:.

New Design Surface includes 40 modern layout themes to help you make sleek, stylish databases quicker than before. Dynamic Guides and an improved layout grid help you line up and resize layout objects more quickly and precisely. Guides can be local to a single layout or global to help you place objects in the same spot across many layouts.

You can add multiple vertical and horizontal guides. Improved Quick Table View. Multi-column sorting is easier. More chart choices.

Also, you can create charts on the fly in Table view. Improved Tab Controls. FileMaker now remembers which tab is active when you switch to layout mode. Managed Container fields let you store files even audio and image files at a specific path on your host computer. You can compress stored files to save space and create permanent thumbnail images for quick display. The Inspector lets you optimize graphics in container fields. Should I be using it along with FileMaker Pro?

Or maybe instead? You can use Bento for mobile devices either as a standalone database or synchronize your mobile app with the desktop version. The name Bento refers to a Japanese lunchbox, with tidy little compartments to hold various kinds of food. And in fact, using Bento is as easy as dragging and dropping to arrange and fill onscreen compartments. But if your needs change, or your business grows say you hire another person who has to share your database , you might need to step up to FileMaker, which permits multiple users and has a powerful scripting engine to automate processes and create brand new features.

In that case, you might have to play with the big kids and move your Bento data into FileMaker. Database developers will appreciate these new features that help you create custom databases or improve those you already have :. For example, layouts are measured in points instead of pixels; you can copy and paste styles between objects; and objects have states , so you can change their appearance when the mouse hovers over them.

An Accessibility Inspector lets you make layout objects available to screen readers for your clients with special needs. The script debugger can enable and disable all script triggers, making debugging much easier. New script steps give you even more power. For example, Find Matching Records lets you automate a find based on the content of the active field; Insert from URL puts the content from the web page you specify into a container field.

Also, you get to create all custom menus and menu sets manually. New Progressive Backups copy only changes to files since the last backup.

They offer automatic thumbnail images for even better performance and improved display of PDF files. Either way, you now get to interact with your FileMaker databases using ubercool gestures like the two-finger swipe and the pinch zoom. Some doctors already leave an iPad in each exam room and then take notes for their FileMaker database using Go.

In fact, with more than 50 million iPads and iPhones sold in just the last two years, FileMaker has a major new market to dominate. To use this book and indeed to use FileMaker Pro , you need to know a few basics. To click means to point your cursor the arrow pointer at something on the screen and then—without moving the cursor at all—press and release the left button on the mouse or laptop track pad. To right-click means the same thing, but pressing the right mouse button instead.

To double-click , of course, means to click twice in rapid succession, again without moving the pointer at all. And to drag means to move the cursor while holding down the left mouse button the entire time. To right-drag means to do the same thing but holding down the right mouse button.

Related procedures, like Ctrl-clicking , work the same way—just click while pressing the corresponding key. The menus are the words at the top of your screen: File, Edit, and so on. Some people click to open a menu and then release the mouse button; after reading the menu command choices, they click the command they want.

Other people like to press the mouse button continuously as they click the menu title and drag down the list to the desired command; only then do they release the mouse button. Both methods work, so use whichever one you prefer. Keyboard shortcuts. Nothing is faster than keeping your fingers on your keyboard to enter data, choose names, trigger commands, and so on—without losing time by grabbing the mouse, carefully positioning it, and then choosing a command or list entry.

Open that. Inside the Library window is a folder called Preferences. Double-click to open it, too. Similarly, this kind of arrow shorthand helps to simplify the business of choosing commands in menus, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2. You can also communicate with the Missing Manual team and tell us what you love or hate about the book. Head over to www. Each chapter contains living examples —step by step tutorials that help you learn how to build a database by actually doing it. To help you along, online database files provide sample data and completed examples against which to check your work. You can get these files any time from the Missing CD page.

Go to www. Got questions? Need more information? Fancy yourself a book reviewer? On our Feedback page, you can get expert answers to questions that come to you while reading, share your thoughts on this Missing Manual, and find groups of folks who share your interest in FileMaker. To have your say, go to www. If you register this book at oreilly. Registering takes only a few clicks.

With a subscription, you can read any page and watch any video from our library online. Read books on your cellphone and mobile devices. Copy and paste code samples, organize your favorites, download chapters, bookmark key sections, create notes, print out pages, and benefit from tons of other timesaving features.


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Save the layout and return to Browse mode. There’s also live online events, interactive content, certification prep materials, and more.


FileMaker Pro The Missing Manual [Book]

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