Jarvis rainmeter skin for windows 10. 14 Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows 10/11 PC (2022)

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SHIELD Iron Man Theme for Windows 10 | 8 | 7 – Windows 10 is Getting Major Design Changes in 2021, Codenamed “Sun Valley”
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Jarvis SkinPack. Transform Windows 7/8//10 to jarvis Also for enable start menu and taskbar skin you need to install startisback from JARVIS for Rainmeter The presented skin will completely change the interface of your desktop by replacing it with a new visual design.


14 Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows 10/11 PC () – TechDator.


The skin is absolutely light to carry for your PC with minimal colours. This skin is another great one for futuristic technical desktops. A rainmeter skin with minimalistic features with loads of information on your screen. Unlike other skins, this one gives you everything on desktop, so that you do not have to open any application.

The best part is you can easily customise this skin and keep only those files and folders that you want on your screen. One of the most aesthetic rainmeter skins, Ever Lina gives you many things on the display screen. With the numerous sub-modules which look like small widgets, shows different information. All the designs can be easily arranged and changed as per your requirement.

You can resize these sub-modules easily. Avengers S. D OS gives you the effect of superheros meet and home land. The skin gives you the feel of being a part of the strategy prepared by the Avengers. However, if you download Rainmeter skin from an Avenger shield you will get a dark interface with lots of information on your screen.

One of the simplest Rainmeter skins available to date, Razor gives you transparent sub-modules. The hues of mixed colours gives a clean and simple background. Other than that you can change the wallpapers as you like. The necessary widgets are available on the screen with their icons neatly. A uniquely crafted Rainmeter skin for those who think out of the box. Its effects are strong and loud, those prefer out of the blue designs, the Pileus Interface is just right for them. The design of this skin is a great mix of images, colours, and information.

However, some of you may find it cluttered and would not like the combination of all. But, to some it could be a great work of creativity. Pileus displays most of the necessary information on the desktop screen. If you like puzzles or block images, then you will like and want to download this rainmeter skin for windows The 3D elements float over the desktop which looks like that the design is drawn directly on the desktop background.

The sub-modules do not contain any background which makes the display unique and captivating. The creativity lies in the right match of the background image with the floating ones. One of the few rainmeter skins that gives you a clean screen.

With a solid cloud background and simple font and limited sub-modules on the desktop, you can enjoy this minimalist skin. The information shown on the screen is mostly weather forecast, system folder shortcuts, media player control bar, time and date status, and more. With clear and clean information separated neatly, this rainmeter skin gives you an organised list of information on your screen.

You will find a variety of black and white coloured skin styles in ABP. With the help of slideshow you can freely change the background image to enhance the features. This multi-feature display skin leverages you to customise display to change the look of the skin. Darkness Falls rainmeter skin for Windows 7 was developed long back which turned out to be one of the most beautiful skins for all versions of Windows.

This skin has an impressive mix of black and other colours which will leave you to look fixedly at the view for a minute. You can switch to different beautiful fancy landscapes and match with a perfect wallpaper to make an impressive display.

The skin lets the applications and sub-modules rest to the sides of the entire screen instead at the centre of the screen. Another simple way to display information, Simple Media skin is as good as its name.

From simple solid colours to landscapes, you can use designs as you like with limited sub-modules. With simple looks you get submodules like current date and time, recycle bin status, current temperature, applications running in the background and their usage.

If none if the rainmeter skin fits or suits your desktop, this great looking font and design works almost on all kinds of desktops and laptops regardless of their screen resolution. A cute display of colours and items with some content, Night and Lights are for those who prefer bright lights and colours.

You may find all the relevant content and information on the screen with different colours. Also, you can find all the sub-modules are displayed on the hung tags. This skin promotes the phrase of Go Green. Unlike other colourful and gloomy rainmeter skins, this skin has hues of green. The contents and the information displayed on the screen within the screen is completely transparent.

Adian Bolon Aero Interface is a delightful skin to watch. This skin also offers custom effects from which you can select to add on your desktop screen.

The information comes in a list form on the right hand side of the screen. The skin gives you the leverage to customise the applications or widgets as per your requirement. The skin has WMP support, control music, local time, temperature, and many more. This Rainmeter skin is also termed as a futuristic Rainmeter Skin for Windows. Moreover, the date can be viewed at the left side of the screen. Most of the applications are placed on the right hand side of the screen.

You get current as well as upcoming days weather forecast, media control, to do list, and many more. Another simple yet aesthetic skin available for desktops to make the screen more attractive is Rusa Jantan.

It is also the smartest theme that is the perfect combination fo elegant backdrop and sub-modules. One of the best rainmeter skin which is sophisticated and contains only the necessary details. Download Omnimo. Starting off the list is Omnimo, one of the most popular and the best rainmeter skins up to date. The graphic side of things is going to help you create a dynamic and colorful desktop experience.

On the other side, there are a lot of widget skins that it has to offer. It shows the widgets in some cool circles around your desktop that are not too distracting. The Omnimo skin is going to help you show, the typical system information, date and time, custom circles with your preferred location, media player, media visualizer, the recycle bin, and many more. Download Ageo. The first thing you might notice is the date and time display which I think is fantastic.

Each of them has a customized design that works really well with the rest of the skin. Download Robik. You can see how the background image helps the skin look better and more complete.

The time and date have a cool display on top of each other and the font on the day makes it come together beautifully. Download Big Sur RC1. It comes with a lot of features like selecting the background, the ability to pick a background, configuring the settings of the sidebar, and many more.

All the while displaying some great graphics to make it look even better. Download Living Room. Everything works so well together from the background image used, the visualizer, the system information graphics, the weather skin, and everything else. The background adds to the complexity of this skin loadout and makes it stand out from the rest. On the download link, you will see where each skin is used for each feature.

Download ScreenStyler. You need to install the ScreenStyler skin so that you achieve this look which is minimalistic but it has a really cool vibe to it.

Everything is smooth and well placed. Some of the most important things for you will be available with just one click away such as the calculator or steam, but you can customize them to use whatever app you want. Overall I think that this is a great all-around skin and works really smoothly. Download Mond. This is skin is definitively one of my favorites from the whole list, it has everything that I ever need to make my desktop experience more enjoyable.

It displays the date and time in a really cool way and the font it uses looks amazing. You can also customize recycle bin and it looks fantastic in my opinion. Not to leave without mentioning that it also has a nice UI for the media player.

Download Glass Shards. This skin is one of the better-looking ones on this list and I was seriously impressed when I first saw it. The broken glass shard can go over anything and still look great. I had to look at the resources that this skin was using and to my surprise nothing out of the ordinary.

Compared with a good wallpaper this can really transform your desktop experience. Download Low-Effort Meme. The theme has several skins and it combines different aspects from each one of them. If you think that wallpaper does not play an important role in changing the aspects of a theme then you should think twice.

The next option in the list of best Rainmeter skins will change your perspective forever. Aliens is such a Rainmeter skin which is explored best when paired with right Alien wallpaper. It is very important for the customization to choose the right background when you are using the Aliens theme.

It is superbly or I say cleverly designed and the interface is pretty different from other options. One thing I can say for sure that Aliens is not for minimalistic people. It has got everything on its home screen like power status, shortcuts , network speed, system time and date and many more. And of course al the modules are totally configurable and customizable. Aliens is counted amongst the top Rainmeter skins especially for people who want everything to be shown on their desktop only.

At time you might find your home screen a big mess but if you love it then it is just the match made in heaven for you. Of course, people are a big fan of such techno based themes and this one surely stands out of all. This theme is the perfect example of organized planning and clean platform.

The theme is available in multiple resolutions and of course handy shortcuts are provided to access your favorite folders quickly. I also really liked the fact that how they have kept everything so realistic in the theme. Unique is the word I would like to use for this Rainmeter skin called Senja Suite. Inspired from the subject of TV and Anime character, this is a multipurpose and one of the coolest Rainmeter skins.

The dark and edgy background of the theme is something which keeps thing subtle yet catchy. And of course, the USP of Senja Suite is that you can put the pictures of your favorite Anime character on display which can be changed too. And while doing so, you can keep on doing your work simultaneously and hence this theme is perfect for work and fun balance. Senja Suite is quite minimal and basic in approach but this makes it one of the easiest and simplest Rainmeter skins of all time.

This skin may be suitable for players that like mythological games. As the name implies, this skin is a tribute to the legendary DC superhero. One of the advantages of this skin is that you can show a lot of information without having to worry about your screen being cluttered.

You may personalize this skin by adding whatever information you like, all in the style of Mr. This is also available in four colorways: red, yellow, green, and blue. Without including Battlefield 3, no collection of gamer skins would be complete. This Rainmaker skin has a sidebar on the right-hand side of the screen that you may customize to add your preferred shortcuts. For those seeking a striking desktop, hardware is really one-of-a-kind. All of your shortcuts and information are intended to circle the primary focus in this skin, which uses a black and red motif.

Add as much or as little as you like, and change the backdrop to plain black to make the design stand out even more, or change it to a different color to give your desktop even more dimension. Everything is organized in a circular pattern, and you have full control over whatever widgets and shortcuts you wish to include, such as weather, time and date, RAM use, and access to system files.

With a clean, simple display, this takes minimalism to a new level. On a neutral backdrop, the skin uses a navy and red design to display just the essentials: time, media display with all required buttons to browse through music , user profile, and a picture slideshow. Although this is changeable, with this skin, less is certainly more. Take a minute to show your appreciation for the great movies that inspired this skin. All of your information and shortcuts are relocated to the corners of your desktop, and you have complete control over what goes where.

This is without a doubt one of the finest skins available, with a completely customisable design.


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