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Todoist | A To-Do List to Organize Your Work & Life – Using Things on Windows, Android, or the internet

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Just raise your wrist to glance at your Today list, mark to-dos complete as you go, and dictate new ones on the fly—all synced instantly with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. On iPad, you can see all three at once in full-screen landscape mode, or unpin the menu and the inspector if you want just the outline view with your tasks and projects. Roam has a variety of task and cultured code things web interface free management features, though they tend читать полностью be a подробнее на этой странице nerdy.


Cultured code things web interface free.Things Cloud

As an added benefit, our work on code unification eliminates such quirks, providing a more consistent experience across devices. You can navigate the entire iPad app with the keyboard — jumping in and out of tasks and their notes, moving between projects, searching for specific tasks, and jumping between your Inbox, Today, or Upcoming views. Even better, with the Things Helper, you can create tasks from a currently selected item in other apps.


Cultured code things web interface free. The task manager and GTD app suite for Mac, iPhone, and iPad


Mac On your Mac, open Things. Click Log In. Enter the email address and password for the Things Cloud account you created. Tap Log In. Create a Things Cloud account on your iPhone first. On your watch, open Things. In the Welcome screen, tap the Connect button. When you have a multi-selected group, just tap and hold. The to-dos will gather under your finger and you can drag them wherever you want.

That’s because swiping a to-do not only shows you the actions you can perform, but it also immediately enters multi-select mode. Selecting more is just a tap away. All of these features are incredibly simple and perfectly obvious once you’ve used them — it is pinch-to-zoom all over again. Take our word for it: this will forever change the way you feel about list editing on your iOS devices! For those to-dos you absolutely cannot miss, adding a reminder will give you peace of mind.

There are three ways to set the time. Our new natural language date parser understands time as well. Type “Wed 8pm”, and you’re all set. Or you can speak to Siri to enable this feature. It pushes newly set reminders to all other devices instantly rather than waiting for the next routine push to make sure all devices are up to date.

Introducing Slim Mode! Collapse your sidebar with a two-finger swipe to cut out distractions and focus on the task at hand. You can still easily switch lists by clicking the window title — or just use Type Travel!

Things provides a wonderfully flexible work environment on macOS. Open multiple projects in their own panes and drag to-dos back and forth between them to organize with ease. Use multiple displays? You can open different lists on each one. Same with desktop spaces and split views — whatever suits your personal setup. See the progress of your projects at a glance and see just how close you are to achieving your goal. Completely rewritten core layers of the apps are now shared between Mac and iOS for increased reliability.

Everything you do in Things is nicely animated for pop. This is achieved with our own, custom built animation toolkit. All of the above shipped with Things 3. To see all the latest and greatest improvements, check out our blog. Check out our 15 day free trial of Things for Mac. All-New Design The all-new Things sports an all-new design. Beautiful To-Dos Just take a look at the basic building block of Things – its to-dos. Design Is Not an Afterthought It’s a way of building apps, and we live by it.

Mac iOS. Upcoming Plan your week ahead with the new Upcoming list. Headings Large projects are easier to complete when you can break them up into smaller parts — just add a few Headings! Nothing at all to worry about. Just turn it on and let Things Cloud do everything for you. Achieving this meant not only creating a speedy sync engine in the cloud, but also finely tuning each of the apps to process changes from it quickly. The result is a nimble service that makes light work of complex processes.

Is Things a single purchase for all devices? Do I have to buy Things multiple times? Each app is a separate purchase the Watch app is included with the iPhone. Are there discounts? If you are a student or teacher, please ask your institution if they are part of Apple School Manager. If you are buying for a business , please check out Apple Business Manager. Have you got a new device or did you have to wipe your old one?

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