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Disadvantage is that it doesn’t support most нажмите для деталей microsoft word 2013 ebay free plugins and add-ons. Details required :. All micgosoft need to do is log in with a Microsoft account, and you can start using Office at no extra cost. If you’re looking for the cheapest way to get Microsoft Office, there are methods you can use to get the productivity suite for a fraction of the price.


Microsoft Office for sale | eBay


Microsoft Excel will help with managing database information or with calculating accounts. Microsoft Office software suites have everything you need for running your business efficiently and effectively. Not only that, they come with free templates to use with the software, along with troubleshooting if you are not sure how to use a tool. Automatic updates help to keep the software bug free. This software is considered an essential tool for any business.

You should ensure that you have the right version to meet the needs of your business and to ensure the right functionality. There are many different versions of Microsoft Office, all containing subtle differences depending on the year they were brought out. Whether you have Windows 7 or 10, work on a Mac or PC, there will be a compatible version you can purchase on CD or through a download. The number of licenses available may vary from product to product. Office provides a variety of features as well as giving users access to the latest version online, and using the cloud to store data and retrieve it from different locations.

You can tailor this software to create your own website or to use Microsoft Lync which allows you to host online meetings and video conferences.

Skip to main content. Shop by category. Shop by For Operating Systems. See all – Shop by For Operating Systems. Whereas it was possible to install Office up to three computers before depending on the edition , a license is now bound to a single computer only. Microsoft is driving the subscription model here, and restricts flexibility of the standalone editions to a minimum.

Here are the purchase links to shops like Amazon or eBay:. Running the x64 64 bit edition also requires an x64 Windows edition.

The advantage of Office x64 is a bit better performance. Disadvantage is that it doesn’t support most third party plugins and add-ons. Microsoft actually discourages the use of the x64 editions. So unless you’re absolutely sure you need an x64 edition, you should choose x86 32 bit.

Gray market stores will often work like eBay, where individual people and small companies list the products. As such, scams can happen, to the point where some gray market stores ask for an additional cost to protect your purchase. Also, a seller may put a key up for a low price because it’s an OEM key. These aren’t as desirable as retail keys, as you can only install an OEM on one machine, and one time only. If that machine is lost or breaks down, you’ll need to wrestle with Microsoft tech support to get a reactivation.

If they say no, you’ll have to buy Office again. Finally, gray market stores are a goldmine for thieves. Criminals can steal credit and debit cards and then use the funds to purchase many Office keys. They can then flip the Office keys on gray market websites for a lower price than retail, then direct the profits to their bank account. We briefly touched upon OEM keys above, so it’s worth going into detail on what these are. You should consider OEM keys when buying a license to avoid any future headaches.

If you’ve ever bought a computer or a laptop that came with Office pre-installed, there’s a good chance that it uses an OEM key.

Computer manufacturers and builders purchase the OEM key and immediately install it onto a device. You can’t use an OEM key to install Office on multiple machines; that’s what the retail version is for.

As such, if a computer with an OEM version of Office is stolen or fails, you can’t re-use the key on a new computer. OEM keys are cheaper than buying retail Office suites, so manufacturers can supply Office with their computers without hiking up the price. This is how manufacturers can sell laptops with Office pre-installed at around the same price as the retail version of Office. Despite using them outside their intended use, buying an OEM key by itself isn’t illegal.

Just as long as the key was bought through legitimate means, there’s no reason to worry about the legality of buying OEM keys. Microsoft Office’s price can be prohibitive, but it doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.


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