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This topic gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make your OneNote notebooks accessible and unlock your content to everyone, including people with disabilities.

You learn, for example, how to work with the Accessibility Checker to tackle accessibility issues while writing your notebook. You’ll also learn how to add alt texts to images so that people using screen readers are able to listen to what the image is all about.

You can also read about how to use font colors and styles to maximize the inclusiveness of your notebook before sharing it with others. Best practices for making OneNote notebooks accessible. Check accessibility while you work in OneNote. Apply built-in heading styles. Avoid using tables. Add alt text to visuals and embedded files.

Make audio and video files accessible. Add accessible hyperlink text. Use a single note container per page. Rename sections and section groups. Delete unused sections and section groups. Add a page title or rename a page. Delete unused pages. Use accessible text color and formatting.

Use accessible text alignment and spacing. Use bulleted lists. Use ordered lists. Test accessibility with Immersive Reader. The following table includes key best practices for creating OneNote notebooks that are accessible to people with disabilities. To find missing alternative text, use the Accessibility Checker.

To determine whether hyperlink text makes sense as standalone information, visually scan your notebook. To determine whether you have named all content and deleted empty items, visually scan your notebook.

Notebooks with content named descriptively make it easier to find specific information. This also helps people using screen readers as they can know what an item contains without opening it. Use the Automatic font color for your text. Visually scan your notebook for instances of color-coding. People who are blind, have low vision, or are colorblind might miss out on the meaning conveyed by particular colors.

If you must use tables, create a simple table structure for data only, and specify column header information. To ensure that tables don’t contain split cells, merged cells, or nested tables, use the Accessibility Checker. Use table headers. To find potential issues related to fonts or white space, review your slides for areas that look crowded or illegible. Make audio and video files accessible to people who are blind or have low vision or people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

Where possible, ensure that audio and video files have subtitles, closed captions, or video descriptions before being inserted into OneNote. Screen reader software recognizes built-in heading styles as headings and enables people to navigate by heading. In addition, people with reading disorders such as dyslexia depend on headings to help them structure information. Use headings to organize the information in your notes into small chunks which are arranged in a logical order.

To find headings that are not in a logical order, use the Accessibility Checker. Top of Page. The Accessibility Checker is a tool that reviews your content and flags accessibility issues it comes across.

It explains why each issue might be a potential problem for someone with a disability. The Accessibility Checker also suggests how you can resolve the issues that appear. The Accessibility pane opens, and you can now review and fix accessibility issues.

For more info, go to Improve accessibility with the Accessibility Checker. Use the built-in heading styles to form an outline of the notebook pages for screen readers. Screen readers enable people to navigate by heading, but they cannot interpret a line of text with large and bold font as a heading unless the built-in styles are applied. Organize headings in the prescribed logical order and do not skip heading levels.

In addition, people with reading disorders such as dyslexia depend on headings to help them structure information, and divide the information into smaller-sized chunks that are easier to process.

Ideally, each heading includes only a few paragraphs. On the Home tab, select a heading style, such as Heading 2. In general, avoid tables if possible and present the data another way, like paragraphs with headings and banners. Tables with fixed width might prove difficult to read for people who use Magnifier, because such tables force the content to a specific size.

This makes the font very small, which forces Magnifier users to scroll horizontally especially on mobile devices. If you have to use tables, use the following guidelines to make sure your table is as accessible as possible:. If you have hyperlinks in your table, edit the link texts, so they make sense and don’t break mid-sentence.

Make sure the notebook is easily read with Magnifier. View it on your computer and a mobile device to see how it looks on different screens.

Test accessibility with Immersive reader. If you do need to use tables, add headers to your table to help screen readers keep track of the columns and rows. Blank cells in a table could also mislead someone using a screen reader into thinking that there is nothing more in the table.

Screen readers also use header information to identify rows and columns. All tables created in OneNote automatically have a header row. If your notebook has a table with the Header Row option unselected, you can use the Windows app to resolve this issue. Right-click the inserted row in the table, and select Table. Check that Header Row is selected. In alt text, briefly describe the image and mention the existence of text and its intent.

You should also add alt text to embedded files, such as supporting materials, job descriptions, or report templates so that screen reader users can hear a description of the file. Depending on your OneNote version, the Description field may already contain a machine-generated alt text.

You can edit this text as you see fit. For more info on how to write alt text, go to Everything you need to know to write effective alt text.

Visual content includes pictures, SmartArt graphics, shapes, groups, charts, embedded objects, ink, and videos. To find missing alternative text, use the Improve accessibility with the Accessibility Checker. For audio and video content, in addition to alt text, include closed captioning for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Avoid using text in images as the sole method of conveying important information. If you must use an image with text in it, repeat that text in your notebook. Where possible, ensure that audio and video files are accessible before being inserted into OneNote.

Alternatively, insert an additional file into the notebook to provide supporting subtitles, captions, or video description. Subtitles typically contain a transcription or translation of the dialogue. Closed captions typically also describe audio cues such as music or sound effects that occur off-screen. Video description means audio-narrated descriptions of a video’s key visual elements.

These descriptions are inserted into natural pauses in the program’s dialogue. Video description makes video more accessible to people with a vision disability. People who use screen readers sometimes scan a list of links. Links should convey clear and accurate information about the destination. For example, instead of using link texts such as “Click here,” “See this page,” “Go here,” or “Learn more,” include the full title of the destination page.

The text you selected is shown in the Text to display field. This is the hyperlink text. You can change it if necessary. The link text should describe the destination page accurately but briefly. You can copy and paste the address, use the Browse the Web or Browse for File buttons, or pick a location in OneNote to find the destination page, file, or OneNote item. In OneNote, you can add notes anywhere on a page by clicking and adding content. This creates a new note container.

Having all notes on a page in a single container helps screen reader users read in one place without having to navigate to multiple locations on the page. If a note container becomes too large, you can split it across multiple pages or add descriptive headers. When you name your notebook content descriptively and accurately, it is easier for people to find specific information in your notes. This also helps people using screen readers to know what a section or section group contains without opening it.

In a notebook, right-click the section or section group name you want to edit, and select Rename.


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Yes, the examples that StudyCorgi delivers are completely free. Keep in mind, though, that these papers are meant for research purposes only. Absolutely not. This would be considered academic dishonesty. Consider reviewing our selection every once in a while, as we post new essay examples regularly.

You might just find what you need. Yes, you can. We have a team of editors who check all the papers that get submitted and make sure they contain a minimum of grammatical, stylistic, and factual errors. They also see whether those essays adhere to a particular citation style. Our database is huge, with tens of thousands of works, covering almost every study-related topic imaginable – from the simplest essays describing life experiences and points of view, to works on genetic engineering and microbiology.

You can use our samples as a source of inspiration or as part of your investigation into a topic. You can utilize the references in each sample as a starting point for your own research. If you want to use information from the essay itself, you should properly cite it in accordance with your citation style requirements. Free essay database for inspiration Get free access to an enormous database of essays examples. The Source Manager saves sources and can be used to generate references lists and add citations to text.

To use these functions, sources must be saved in the Source Manager. The style of citations can be selected in the Citations and Bibliography bar in the Styles drop down menu. Generally, APA format is used. A new window will come up. Select the type of source in the drop down menu and fill as much information into the manager as possible. Select OK to add to the current list of sources. Be mindful of how you are entering the information in the Source Manager.

Detailed instructions describing how to correctly enter information for the most common types of sources have been included below. In the References tab under Citations and Bibliography select Insert Citation and double click the citation to place it. In text citations should always be placed at the end of a sentence before the period. Each sentence containing information published by another author should be cited.

It is not sufficient to cite the last sentence in a paragraph containing information from one source. This will automatically insert a list of References into the document. Ensure that the list that is generated is appropriately formatted and the list of numbers is properly aligned.

The following outlines, in detail, how to properly input information into the Microsoft Source Manager to ensure that citations are generated in proper APA format. In the Type of Source drop-down menu select Journal Article. To enter the author names: 1. Do NOT simply type the author names into the Author field. Instead, click Edit next to the Author field.

Starting with the first author listed on the journal, type their first, middle, and last names into the appropriate fields. Select Add. Repeat this process for all authors of the journal in order. Click OK. To enter the journal title: 1. Simple type the full journal title into the Title field. To enter the journal name: 1. Instead, research the abbreviated journal name and type this into the Journal Name field.

All journals have abbreviated names that can very easily be found online. To enter the year, pages, volume, and issue: 1. Simply type the year, page range, volume, and issue into their respective fields. Ensure that the citation generated in your References section follows proper APA format.

Adjust if necessary. In the Type of Source drop-down menu select Book. Starting with the first author listed on the book, type their first, middle, and last names into the appropriate fields. Repeat this process for all authors of the book in order. To enter the book title: 1. Simple type the full book title into the Title field. To enter the year and city: 1. Simply type the year and city into their respective fields.

Include the abbreviated name of the state or the country if not published in the USA following the city name and separated by a common. San Francisco, CA To enter the edition: 1. Select Show All Bibliography Fields. Type the edition of the book into the Edition field. To enter the publisher: 1. Do NOT type the full publisher name into the Publisher field. Instead, research the abbreviated publisher name and type this into the Publisher field. Conventions for abbreviated publisher names can very easily be found online.

Manually adjust your citation by italicizing the book title in your reference list to conform with IEEE format. Also, if a book edition was included, manually remove the unnecessary comma after the edition number, before the city name. In the Type of Source drop-down menu select Book Section. To enter the chapter title: 1. Simple type the full chapter title into the Title field.

Simple type the full book title into the Book Title field. Simply type the year, page range, and city into their respective fields. After generating your reference list: 1. In the Type of Source drop-down menu select Web site. If there are no authors present and the webpage was created by an organization, it may be acceptable to type the organization name into the Author field.

To enter the title of the web page: 1. Simple type the full name of the web page into the Production Company field. To enter the year, month, and day in which the content was published: 1. Simple type the year, month, and day into their respective fields. You do not need to enter the year, month, and day in which the web page was accessed.

To enter the URL: 1. Manually italicize the web page name in your citation. Replace the comma following the author names with a period. Also, remove the day, month, year, and period inserted by word following the web page title. How Polymers Are Formed … 5.

These resources must still be cited and you should research how to do so. Many APA style guidelines and examples can be easily found online. When in doubt, include as much information about the sources as possible and try to conform to APA format.

To add a cross-reference: Place the cursor in the desired location for the cross-reference. In the Insert tab under Links select Cross-Reference. In the window under Reference type select the item type usually either table or figure and change Insert Reference to Only Label or Number.

Select OK and the reference will be placed. Illustrator It can be useful to create simple diagrams or flow charts in Word. This is possible by inserting shapes into the document using Microsoft Illustrator. To insert shapes into a document: In the Insert tab under Illustrations, select the Shapes drop down menu and choose a specific shape by clicking on it. Click on the document to place the shape.

Shapes can be manipulated after placement using the Drawing Tools tab that appears after clicking on the placed shape. To group a number of shapes into one figure: Select all shapes by clicking on them and right click. General Formatting Appropriately formatting your text and paragraphs is essential to producing a professional looking document.

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