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Roller Blinds are available in a wide range of textures, fabrics and patterns and are installed across Nottingham, United Kingdom.

Roller Blinds Classic design is updated to match today’s design trends for interiors.

Whether it’s to keep the sun off your television during the day or to keep the warmth and privacy at night, our roller blinds are sought-after and practical choices.

Their elegant design and high-end construction make them perfect for the most sophisticated decor designs. Fabrics are coated with acrylic polyester that is non-fading and is available in block-out or opaque. There is also a choice of chain or spring-driven mechanisms.

These roller blinds can be made custom to meet your requirements for the size you require and can be fitted with your choice of chain and bottom rails, and are available in a wide range of colors to complement any space, whether commercial or residential.

Different types of roller Blinds

  •   Roller blind
  •   Blinds for day and night
  •   Motorized roller blind
  •   Linked roller blind
  •   Blind motorized or linked

The advantages of Roller Blinds


The clean lines and the absence of bulky fabrics give an excellent contemporary design.


Easy-to-lift mechanisms make these a sturdy choice for business or home.


Available in various fabrics and colours to fit any style and function.

Low Maintenance

With just one surface to clean, they’re the perfect low-maintenance blind.

Frequently asked questions

Are you having a problem with Roller Blinds in  UNITED KINGDOM? Check out our FAQs below and then click on the question for the solution.

If you have a question that isn’t answered in this article, contact us with a question, and we’ll respond promptly.

Customized roller blinds are constructed from vinyl, fabrics, and more. But, they are the most frequently used material due to their appearance. The material you choose to use depends on your preferences, such as where the blinds are to be placed, the window size, and your colour scheme.

Yes, Thermal lined roller blinds hold more heat than fabric weights. However, thermal-lined roller blinds don’t produce heat and should only be used with a wood burner, heat pump or any other heat source.

Motorized blinds are beneficial. If you pair them with a house automation device, you can even shut and open your blinds once you get home, all with the click of one button. It’s all you need to protect your privacy and security.

Blinds for rollers are mounted using brackets, which are attached to window frames by tiny screws

We’re so confident about the quality of our services and products that we are pleased to provide them with a 1-year guarantee. We’re sure you’ll find a better deal.

Roller blinds need to be cleaned with an easy brush or white cloth to remove dust or dirt. If necessary, the blinds can be cleaned using the help of a soapy, damp cloth.

For the best results, phone Dale Blinds Services for a professional clean.

The blinds made of rollers are extremely long-lasting and typically coated to block UV rays; therefore, they will not fade with time. Roller blinds of high quality are constructed with sturdy steel tubes and durable fabric, allowing you to keep your blinds in good condition for a long time.

Yes. It is suggested to install both blinds in conjunction, which allows you to enjoy views but not compromise privacy at all times and provides comfort and security at night. Find out more about double roller blinds.

A night/day roller blind or a dual roller blind is the case when two blinds are installed in the same window.

Screen roller blinds or similar blinds can be used in the daytime, providing privacy but not blocking the sunlight. In the evening, the blockout blind can be utilized to keep the room darker – particularly beneficial for daylight saving! Roller blinds with dual rollers will require specially-designed brackets to be streamlined so they can fit perfectly into window frames.

Similar to other roller blinds, double roller blinds can be operated.

Shades with sunscreen and light filtering are popular for blinds since they let sunlight in a while, providing privacy.

A roller blind constructed of sunscreen fabric lets you look out of your window while allowing light in. At night, if there is a light on and it’s dark outside, you’ll be able to see into the room by opening the blind.

Fabrics that filter light will not let you see through the window but allow light to pass through. This means that you’ll have privacy at night, too, because you can’t view through the fabric. Certain light-filtering fabrics are sheerer than others, depending on what is best for your window.

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