Why buy Custom Made Blinds vs Ready-Made Blinds?


Over the last 30 years of creating custom blinds, we’ve discovered four primary advantages of buying blinds made at our Nottingham factory.

1. Quality. Custom-made blinds guarantee the highest quality, but this is not necessarily a guarantee when you choose blinds made to order. Like all things worthwhile, having a superior standard is the highest priority here at Blind Service. All our blinds are made at our factory and designed explicitly for Nottingham Penrose with the finest products we procure from around the world. Whatever it is, Venetians, Rollers, Verticals, wooden blinds, and more, we are convinced that when we deliver custom-made blinds that are ready to be put in and installed, we can confidently declare that they’ll last through the toughest United Kingdom conditions, including our high UV levels, in comparison with other nations. Our family-owned business that has produced custom blinds for over three years has built a prestigious name as the company that can stand behind the products we sell, which is why we have our guarantee of quality.

2. Warranty. Custom-made blinds typically have the longest warranty time due to their superior quality. We at Dale Blind Services stand by all of our products and are so confident about what we make that we provide the most comprehensive warranty available on the market. Seven years is an extended time, and you’ll find no better warranties anywhere in United Kingdom. Our genuine end-to-end guarantee for our customers, from measurement to manufacturing from cleaning to repair, ‘s unique, and that’s why we keep our customers returning for more Venluree Blind Services.

3. Measure. Twice, Cut Once. It’s a classic saying carpenters employ when tackling the building process, and it’s equally valid in the business of blinds. We have a group of highly experienced designers who will come to your home to discuss your requirements. When looking for custom-designed blinds, it is essential to make sure whatever design and style you pick will look stunning in your home. The presence of a consultant at your home (contactless process) will assure you that the blinds you purchase will fit perfectly and look fantastic. Made to measure is precisely what it says. Deciding the best window treatment for your business or home can be challenging, and we remove the guesswork and stress work. Our specialists have years of experience working in hundreds of situations and know that customized blinds are the ideal solution for most rooms.

4. Your choice. Making custom-made blinds in your home will open the doors to hundreds of options that can complement your most valuable asset, which is your home. In addition to the type of custom blinds such as Venetians, Wooden, Verticals, or any other type you choose, There are hundreds of colors and styles to pick from, so you’ll get the most effective solution to improve your office or home.


Blinds made to order off the shelf or from a store may seem like the most affordable option for blinds that you can put in your home. However, we frequently find that people who have tried the pre-made option but are disappointed by the quality and selection are not as good.

Blinds made from ready-mades are precisely what they sound like. They all appear similar and come with the exact measurements, and choosing ready-made blinds means that your window treatments will appear identical to others. You can’t have a unique style that matches your home’s design or personal style. The same old isn’t good, and it isn’t lovely!

Then, you’ll need to be aware of how to accurately determine the size of your windows and determine which side of the draw must be to, which side your UV level is highest, and other professional measures experienced designers appreciate.

Ready-made blinds can be a costly nightmare if you aren’t aware of what you’re doing. Per our suggestions, do not risk it, particularly if you’ve got custom-designed blinds put in your house for the same price as ready-made blinds.

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